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Here's how it works:

With well over a quarter million books in stock and thousands more coming in weekly, our small staff simply does not have the time and resources to create a searchable database. While our store welcomes browsing, due to regulations our book storage barn cannot be open to the public. Posting pictures of the books on the shelves is a compromise that will allow you to virtually browse our collection as we work to sort and shelve the books in our new book barn.

We have just begun...thanks for your patience.

Simply follow these three steps to find your books.


Browse through the book pictures and take note of the book titles you want and the picture title for each . Have a notebook and pen handy!

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Tell us which books interest you by filling out the form below, OR feel free to call us

(613) 935-3711

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If you use the form, we will reach out to you with your total ($) and payment options and to discuss pickup or shipping. 

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