About Us

Red Cart Books is a small but growing bookstore established in 2017 to serve the Cornwall area primarily. We believe books that are found in a community are a resource to be treasured and shared again and again, rather than sent to the landfill or destroyed (a fate that happens much too often).


We began with the goal of creating an easily browsable catalogue of used books here in Cornwall so that they could find their way into the hands of our neighbours who are looking for them. Thanks to the enthusiastic response of the community, our collection of available books continues to grow.  We are thrilled every time someone tells us they have been searching for a particular book and we happen to have it. 


We also ship anywhere in the world Canada Post delivers. We pride ourselves on offering a very friendly and efficient service.  It is our intention to answer all enquiries promptly and will give our full attention to any special requests you may have.


We are always happy to hear from our customers: please send us an email or call us at 613-935-3711.